Our Rental Program


Whether you need a few portable radios for a one-day special event, mobile and portable radios for a month-long scheduled maintenance shut-down or require trunked radios with regional coverage, A&B Communications can fulfill your needs.

The equipment comes from leading manufacturers you know and trust, backed by our commitment to excellent customer service.  We will program the radios to your existing channels or ship them ready to use on our licensed frequencies.

And, with no minimums, you pay only for what you need, delivered when you need it. Plus, we back up our rentals with experienced tech support.



Choose your coverage:
- On-site or wide area
- Radio-to-radio, building-to-building, site-to-site or city-to-city

Choose an operating mode:
- Analog Conventional
- Analog LTR
- Digital TRBO
- Digital NXDN

Choose your frequencies:
- Your system
- Ours (see coverage)


Unsure what you need?
Contact us today and we can advise you on the perfect rental radio solution for your coverage and budget.

Contact us by:
Phone: 210-656-5073 in San Antonio
           512-836-5129 in Austin

Email:  sales@spcomm.com

Worry-free Communication Solutions for:

  • Conventions & trade shows
  • Security & traffic control
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Auto racing
  • Film crews
  • Seasonal business
  • School & civic events
  • Plant maintenance turnarounds
  • Construction sites
  • Hunting & camping
  • Emergency response
  • Sporting events & venues


S&P Rental Policies

  • Rental days are calculated in 24 hour increments starting and ending at 12 pm on the day the rental begins and ends. (For example, a weekend rental would be Friday 12 pm to Monday 12 pm.)
  • Full payment is required prior to delivery or COD for customer pick-up.
  • Delivery Options
  • Customer Pick-up:   free
  • Courier:   $25
  • Freight/Shipping:   Allow 3-5 business days for standard ground freight. If requested, a return label will be supplied with the cost added to the invoice.
  • A rush fee of $80 will apply if delivery/pick-up is required in 3 or less business days.
  • A labor fee, plus parts, will apply for equipment that is returned damaged.
  • List price, minus 20%, will apply for unrepairable or lost equipment.
  • A programming fee of $25 per radio or $100 per hour (the best value) will apply.
  • Please inquire for 30+ day rentals.